Go  Solar! 

Why go SOLAR?

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Add Value

Your electric company is a landlord. They want you to lease electricity & slowly raise the price. Think of it as renting a house that you will never own or build equity in. People purchase homes because they want to build equity, lock in a monthly payment & eventually pay it off. Going solar is the same thing: You are now using the same money that you were paying to your electricity landlord but are now adding value to your home with solar.

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Tax Credit

The federal tax credit for 2023 is 30%. Go solar now!

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Environmentally Friendly

You’re making an environmentally conscience decision. It’s no secret that there is only a finite supply of fossil fuels & solar power is good for the environment.

How to go  Solar 

Going solar is easy! Justin will sit down with you to ensure we design a system that meets your needs. They will show you a complete breakdown, with estimated tax incentives, so you know exactly how much you will save by going solar every month.

We have easy financing options, with no money down, at rates as low as 2.99%.

Why choose
 Colorado Solar Co? 

Justin is just a local guy, doing what he loves & what he’s good at. He strives to make sure our service & products are the best!

We’re all neighbors & we want to make our customers & community happy.

Solar Myths

Myth 1 - Colorado Solar Company

It costs a lot of money to get solar

It costs $0 out-of-pocket to get solar & our customers never use a penny of their own money for the project. They simply use the money they would have paid the utility company to pay for their panels.

Myth 2 - Colorado Solar Company

Batteries are required for solar

Batteries are not needed when getting solar panels. Almost all utilities have a net metering plan which will take the excess electricity you produce during the day & return it to you at night.

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Solar requires a lot of maintenance

Solar panels require no maintenance & are designed to operate for a minimum of 25 years in all the elements.

Myth 4 - Colorado Solar Company

Switching to solar is difficult

We deal with the layout, planning, permits, installation, & final interconnection to the power grid. We have our own master electrician & crew to handle everything.