About Colorado Solar Company

Colorado Solar Company was formed in 2023 by Justin & Crystal Baker with the goal of bringing sustainable energy & value to homeowners in the Wellington, Colorado area.

Justin & Crystal are proud to call Wellington home & are excited to expand solar services in Wellington and northern Colorado.

In addition to our local roots, we also only use 100% made-in-North America solar panels.

Meet  Justin & Crystal 

Justin & Crystal were married in 2023 & they have a little boy named Leo. Justin comes from 10 years of solar background and Crystal has worked in the utility sector for the last 7 years before joining Colorado Solar Company. We like traveling with our little one and are passionate about helping people save money with solar. 

Baker Family

Meet  Ben & Jenna 

Ben is a co-owner of Colorado Solar Company alongside Justin Baker. Ben’s wife Jenna serves as a project manager.

Ben Hurd and Jenna Ashby

Our  Core Values 

Em power ing

 r.e.a.l.  company